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Why Tulbagh? PDF Print E-mail

With heritage and natural beauty, award-winning winemakers, a theatre to entertain, a chocolatier, accommodation and restaurants to suit every taste - the question is actually: "Why Not?"

Tulbagh is a charming historic town with a wealth of Cape Dutch Architecture. Set in a beautiful landscape, Tulbagh is famous for its heritage, magnificent country living, scenic beauty and majestic mountain ranges.

Crisp clear wintery days, cold nights, mountain peaks topped with snow and the beauty of the valley to surround you. Warming sherries, log fires, cosy reatuarants offer wild range of cuisine, accommaodation to suit you and your family. Drive and see Tulbagh looking its best as the seasons change - blossoms bloom, mountain streams and water falls and the beauty of the Witzenberg.

Tempt your palate in one of Tulbagh´s famous restaurants and indulge in traditional, country and global cuisine and enjoy the hospitality of the valley. Take a drive through the mountain passes in the area and enjoy sites that remind one of a different country, a dream on travels, but the beauty of this all is on our doorsteps.

Nature has graced this basin with bountiful supplies of water, wild flowers, fertile soil and plenty of sunshine, making an ideal environment for top class vineyards, orchards groves, wheat farming and holidaying. Summers are hot and dry, which is an ideal condition for the grape harvest, which is the start of excellent wines that get produced. 70% of all prunes are dried in the Tulbagh Valley.